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ha knows that which is a nice way of thinking troll freak out %HESITATION yeah yeah i've wasted way too involved in the process my crawling up on steel ladders next electrical cables going can't we bring the digital camera through here like why are you the one doing that and like i don't know but i don't ever show yeah i'm going insane many people in the set will feel like performing well and your first yes george what love ryan talk about it took could you could get a big stop you shots are as best we could do nnal easy you know brilliant actor and a and a great director but i like that he cares about the order like that he here doesn't espresso commercials to pay for a spy satellite that was some of their their yeah there's some meat behind that beefcake there is a lot there is in your room at that his wife is going to take a bit but donald trump and the apprentice

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