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hi guys if kenny and today i'm gonna show you how to contour your face like a pro and special tips and tricks that you need for every different species because a lot of times i'll see people posting this is how you contour and not just for one specific face shape or facial features never show you how to make it look appealing for all different faces and what you need to know to highlight and contour different things on your faces that you would like to change i'm going to be using this as the r. c. m. a palette and just have all of these different color so i can use highlighting incontri on this one power this is the u. k. eleven pallets also for a drugstore option you could use these l'oreal true foundation and another one of my favorites this is the the full coverage down these are great as they have they will cover tattoos discolorations i'm under i circle so you can use any of those so basically the ideal they shaper area you want highlighted is a heart shaped area and it kind if you drew a heart around ali to denounce it will not and created the hardship you were now a couple of these i used to teach and i did make some is the white jeans verses darting theory so when you wear dark jeans always make your butt look smaller and when you wear white pants always make your butt look large here so if you remember those things whatever areas you want to look smaller more sucked in are more defined you wanna make those darker and whatever areas you want to make love wider bigger brighter you want to make them look like the white pants with a white areas because your eyes always drawn to the widest embracing first and make sure that you guys subscribers you know without any more videos like this and he got any questions just comment below and i'll try to answer as many as i possibly can but let's get started and then we will get into the theory and explain more in depth tips and techniques that you understand conjuring get ready and have no makeup line in just one thing though iframe nnnnn so i mean using my email pal and it has all these different coloring just so i'm going to be using some of these darker shades to conquer and their silverstein darker than the actual thing intel so i'm just gonna take my breasts and i'm going to apply them in the areas you can see where the shootings take place so we want to go right here along the temples which will be the arch of your eyebrow and into the side of your hairline then we're gonna go along the side of the face right into this area where you can take your in your russian go right in the corner now to kind of this little beginning kind of your year and whatever the pencil that's right in where that bone is right underneath that is where you're going to kind of create this shadow crease right there we're going to do the same thing right there and that we're going to create that contouring on decided to really chiseled out our futures now one thing you need to know more chiseled an angle that you create this kind of cheekbone area right here or there is going to make it look so if you want to go for a more youthful i don't make your face be so angle you want a little bit more elements of roundness but if you do a lot of angles is exactly how to do it you can also go down the size of the note you can start up here kind of at the bridge of the nose and then just go straight down besides this is going to give the illusion of a straighter or thin or no me if you want to create that button nose look as the maryland wrote if you can create the here the tip of the nose makes a cute little tip of the nose area and you can also go underneath the lower left this is going to make it look like your lower lip is so full of creating a shadow right here then you can also go in around right above the creases i and then if you also want to create a more defined jawline you could really go to town this is an extra step you don't have to do and then you can level blender nmda also for some jaw line shape right here now and just like i was saying how you need to have the dark and the dark is going to make things look kind of shrunken or something or diminished or small so this is going to suck in our faith by doing b. like colors applying the likely the highlight it's going to dry your eyes to the area increase in illusion something isn't necessary there so you can make your nose looks straight or you can make she will look more prominent because you're making those highlighted area right here so i think the analogy where the white pants make your butt look bigger these white areas are going to make cheaper bigger making area of pride and we're just drop your eye attention to something that looks straighter so i'm gonna take it how it is many shades lighter than my actual foundation color and with this light color we're going to drop a line straight down the center of the novelist ultimately you see your eyes are drawn to this highlighted area so it's going to be all that knows this didn't streets were also going to go right here in the twin eyebrows and we want to make this look flat and recess you want as she did because that is going to look like heavy caveman brow still by adding a little bit of highlights right above the center part of the front eyebrows it's going to make it look flat and no caveman looking action at all and i also like to go up the floor had just so it makes it look flat and writing beautiful i'm also going to go at the corners of the mouth we're going to add this highlight right here and it's just going to give this a lifted luck and make our lips look fuller around here you can also highlight the chance if you want to if you already have a larger more prominent chain you can darken and remember the dark is going to make things smaller so if you wanna make a prominent pop ads and highlight the alarm didn't want me look smaller just make this dark instead now if you see my video on how to get rid of under eye circles you know that this triangle trip right here is great for eliminating that whole area so i'm just going to highlight this you have the corner of the nose up underneath i